Great experience, I recommend this place. Staff was very friendly and the procedure went smooth and as I expected. I literally had no pain at all after the procedure and I was able to heal and relax after the procedure.

I really like how quickly it healed and I like how quick the procedure was. The doctor really made sure I liked the mark for my crease and I love how she made sure the crease looked good multiple times during my procedure. The after-care instructions were very clear and the staff was super kind. Overall, a great experience! I’m really glad I got this procedure done.

I was so nervous before come to consultation but all staff and Dr. SUZUKI was really kind so I could relax and felt comfortable.
Clinic is very clean and organized.
I did “Maibotsu Forever” and I am satisfied for results. Will definitely come back.

It was a very smooth process. Everyone was very helpful in explaining everything every step of the way. Very helpful staff. The healing time was as expected, and a less than getting the permanent procedure, which is what I wanted. I choose SBC because she comes with such expertise.

The result of this procedure is really shocked me because it turned out so natural. Everyone in my family and friends give me so much compliments on my eyes, no one even noticed it unless I tell them. Overall I love how natural my eyes look and also one thing I love is that there is zero pain. I dont feel heavy and there is very mild or even no bruises/swollen at all which I’m very satisfied with this procedure. Thank you Dr Suzuki.

I really like the procedure I choose sbc because they has the skills that others don't have.

They did an excellent job with my surgery, Dr. Suzuki really listened to how i want my eyes to look and i love them! I chose SBC because they made me feel
Comfortable, price is good and clean facility

I chose SBC because I always saw commercials on TV and knew they had good reviews. As soon as I found out that there was one nearby, I had to make an appointment. The procedure was very quick and painless.

The procedure is good and I’m satisfied with the result. I choose SBC since the result is very natural, and that is what I expected. The staffs here are very friendly and nice, the overall experience for me is pretty good

Due to the recommendation of my friend, I can to SBC for consultation. The environment makes me feel relaxed. The patient service and friendly answering make me feel comfortable to trust the doctor and other helpers here.