Micro Fat Removal

Minimally invasive treatment, and different from traditional Liposuction.
Cheek & Jaw
Less Downtime, More Definition: Discover Micro Fat Removal

Micro Fat Removal is an innovative surgical procedure that employs a manual syringe for targeted fat extraction, primarily from the cheek, jaw, and neck areas. Differing from traditional liposuction, this technique boasts a quicker recovery time due to its less invasive nature. When combined with Thread Lift treatments, it not only eliminates excess fat but also accentuates the jawline, eradicating any sagging and providing a more sculpted facial contour.


  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Quick recovery, between 7 to 10 days
  • Optimal results seen around 1 to 2 months.

The perfect candidates

  • Between 30 to 50 years old
  • Saginess and facial droopiness
  • Wrinkle lines bothering you

Treatments Prices

Areas Pricing
Cheek $1,700
Jaw $1,300
Cheek & Jaw $2,800


1Is it different from Liposuction?
Yes. Our Micro Fat Removal is different from traditional liposuction. We use the small cannula and syringe to take the unwanted fat out, so it is minimally invasive and you can recover a lot quicker than liposuction.
2Which area can I get treatment?
We do offer treatment for jawline, and lower cheek area.
3Do I need to be fasting before the surgery?
No, you do not need to. You can eat breakfast as usual. 24 houts prior to the surgery, please avoid caffeine and alcohol
4Is it possible to combine with other procedures?
Absolutely YES!!! We highly recommend combining it with Thread Lift or Morpheus8 to maximize the results.