About Shonan Beauty Clinic

Founded in 2000 by Dr. Yoshiyuki Aikawa, Shonan Beauty Clinic has become a symbol of quality and innovation in the world of aesthetics. With a passion for providing the highest quality care, we offer affordable aesthetic solutions to our valued patients. Our journey started in Japan, where Dr. Aikawa's dedication led to the opening of over 100 clinics across the country. The very first clinic, nestled in the beautiful beach town of Fujisawa City near Shonan Beach, inspired the name "Shonan" after the renowned summer destination known as the "Miami Beach of the Orient."

Our Philosophy

At Shonan Beauty Clinic in Irvine, we follow a philosophy deeply rooted in positivity and impact.

Our guiding motto, "San Po Yoshi," reflects our commitment to creating a positive influence on three essential groups: our cherished patients, our dedicated staff, and the vibrant community we serve.

We believe in continuous improvement, with our passionate team staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. Our industry is marked by its ever-evolving nature, offering new and exciting possibilities that we are enthusiastic about exploring. 

We understand that the pursuit of both inner and outer beauty brings not only physical rejuvenation but also mental regeneration and joy. It's our true desire to exceed patient expectations and enhance their lives through our comprehensive range of services.

Our Purpose

At Shonan Beauty, we are more than just a cosmetic care practice; we are advocates of true beauty and wellness. 

Our purpose is to transform lives by providing life-changing treatments that go beyond the surface.

 We believe that total beauty requires a comprehensive, long-term approach, and we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our services.

Our Values

Excellence is at the core of everything we do. Dr. Yoko Suzuki is one of the finest cosmetic surgeon in the industry, and takes pride in offering "state of the art services" with the "top of the line equipment" using the newest and most advanced technologies. 

We value trust, compassion, and patient satisfaction above all else, ensuring that every individual who walks through our doors receives the highest quality care.

Our Customers

At Shonan Beauty, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. With over 6.3 million surgical procedures performed and approximately 3.08 million patients served annually, our track record speaks for itself. 

Our global brand power allows us to provide affordable prices while ensuring access to elite providers. 

We take pride in building lifelong relationships with our clients, understanding their unique needs, and tailoring our services to exceed their expectations.

Experience the Shonan Beauty Difference

At Shonan Beauty, we invite you to experience a new level of cosmetic care that goes beyond beauty. With Dr. Yoko Suzuki, we offer high-quality cosmetic services at an affordable cost. We are here to cater to your beauty and wellness needs, with a focus on delivering results that enhance your natural beauty. Join us on this transformative journey, and let Shonan Beauty be your trusted partner in achieving the beauty and wellness you deserve.

Irvine Office:

22 Odyssey, Ste 200

Irvine, CA 92618