I had a wonderful experience getting the QCW technique at Shonan Beauty. The doctor and staff were all welcoming and provided very thorough after care instructions. I would recommend this technique and clinic for anyone who is interested in getting double eyelids!

I was super excited that Shonan offered the QCW model discount for the holidays, and I was not disappointed by the experience whatsoever. It was quick, easy, and relatively painless - even better, I loved the results! Dr. Suzuki showed me different options for my eyelids and gave me her opinion on the ideal shape for symmetrical results. My eyes are different shapes so we chose a parallel crease. I was afraid that they would look too wide or unnatural, but it turned out great and they look natural on my face.

Everyone at Shonan was very nice and made me feel comfortable from the very beginning.

I've gotten many compliments about how natural it looks and I have so much more confidence :)

I am so happy i consulted with Dr. Suzuki for a QCW eyelid procedure. I do have double eyleids, but one small and one big eyelid. I just wanted even eyelids.
After the simulation, seeing how great and pretty i potentially could look, I didn't have to think about it for too long and had the procedure done the following week. In all , the entire process took less than and hour. The actual procedure was only about 40min as they advertised. I was pleasantly surprised how quick it went, maybe because Dr. Suzuki and staff made you feel comfortable and at ease. The results are amazing.
I feel pretty and no longer have to worry about one small and one big eyelid when i smile. visit their website for before and after pics.

Quick procedure!
Absolutely no pain post-op! It was great!
No down time, I returned to work right away!
Results are natural, no scars!
Thank you for making it so easy!

One of the best and efficient double eyelid procedure you can have without cutting or major recovery time. From the quick same day consultation to 30 minutes eyelid procedure. I was in and out within 2 hours and was able to resume to my normal daily activity. The staff is super friendly and Dr.Yoko is very knowledgeable. I highly recommended Dr.Yoko to anyone who's looking to enhance your eyelid or correct uneven lids.

The staff here all super kind and very informative. When getting my surgery, they were always talking to me, to keep me calm and feel less nervous. Would definitely recommend!

Last month 11/14/22 I got the QCW Instant double eyelid procedure and I'm in love with the results! The consultation was quick and Dr. Suzuki works with you to see what eyelid shape fits you best. The staff is beyond friendly and will help with whatever you need! The operation room was clean and neat, which made me feel more comfortable with getting the procedure done. The operation only took about 45 minutes for me and was essentially painless (besides the local anesthesia 6/10 pain) but that lasts like less than a minute so it's okay. You might come out looking a little funny at first because if your swollen eyes but it goes down significantly if you start icing as you get home. I'm so happy with my results!

Flew from Seattle to SBC to get the QWC done!! I always had double eyelids but they were always uneven now they are even and opened up my eyes more! Putting on makeup is a lot easier and no more using eyelid tape :) very happy, results healed extremely natural!

Dr.Suzuki did an Amazing job ! My eyes come out very natural looking . The healing process is super fast .Dr. Suzuki is a great doctor. She is very patient and experienced. The staff is very welcome and friendly. My eyelid surgery turned out in great shape, as I expected. I definitely would recommend it to everybody, and worth it to try.

I was really impressed by my experience and results from Shonan beauty. They were really accommodating to my scheduling. After I made the appointment, I came in and was shown via iPad what to expect. Then came my consultation with the tech and was taught about the 3 methods they have available. I choose they QCW. After consultation, Dr. Suzuki came for further consult of the look that I want (how thick I want the lids to be. I opted for 3 mm thick). Then came time for the procedure. Honesty, the consultation took longer than the actually procedure. I did it all (consultation and surgery) in same day and took about 3 hours. I appreciated that they cut no corners to make sure I understood what I was getting. I'm extremely happy with my results and glad that I finally have thicker double lids. Thank you Shonan Beauty!!