Partial model patients

  • Willing to be photographed and published for all promotional purposes (such as our Social media, website)
  • Your before/after photo include mainly around eyes (From half of forehead to top of nose, No full face)
  • 1 month after photo shoot required (in person)
  • Both eye procedure
  • Willing to help us apply makeup for photo shoot
  • Offer available until further notice
  • subject to change

Example of model patient photo use

Influencer for QCW

You will get "Big discount" or "Complimentary" procedure !!!! 

  • More than 30K valid followers for social media (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube)
  • Willing to share your personal experience getting QCW procedure from us
  • In person consultation required in advance
  • 1 month after photo shoot required (in person, both with and without makeup)
  • Required social media posts and discount percentage will be confirmed at a meeting