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This is What Our Patient's are Saying!

I did the maibotsu eyelid surgery post op 1 month. I love my results so much. Staff & Dr. Yuki were very nice & made the procedure go very smoothly. I would highly recommend to everyone !
Celine N.

I came in for the QCW to even out my eyelids. The process was so easy and Dr. Suzuki was really thorough with my consultation. I love my results and the recovery time was minimal. The staff is so kind and helpful! I felt at ease and assured with my procedure. The results were exactly what I wanted! I would recommend Dr. Suzuki to anyone looking to do this procedure.
Lin H.

I had the QCW procedure, it was quick and painless. It's a very smooth process. Dr. Suzuki and the staff are really nice.
Matthew C

The office is super cute and the workers help guide you through the process. Dr. Suzuki will tell you what works for you eyelid shape. The procedure was very easy and fast to heal. When I wasn't satisfied with my results, they fixed it for me for free.
Rina T.