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World-Class Japan-based Shonan Beauty Builds International PresenceShonan Beauty Clinic (SBC) Enters U.S. Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Market

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Shonan Beauty Clinic, the largest cosmetic medical group based in Japan, announced their recent expansion into the United States.“We are thrilled to open our first clinics here in the United States,” said Yuki Takahashi, manager of the company. “We are a beloved and well-trusted brand in Japan. As such, we are honored to bring our expertise and iconic success across the Pacific.”

The legendary Shonan Beauty Clinic began nearly two decades ago in Japan, where it quickly grew to over 70 locations throughout the country. During this time, Shonan Beauty performed over 4 million surgical procedures, serving approximately 1.2 million patients annually. SBC offers a wide range of life-changing treatments, including a full service regenerative and rejuvenation medspa plus reconstructive surgeries by world-renowned cosmetic surgeons. Their expansion into the United States is focused in sunny Southern California with a 5-year plan to grow nationwide.“Our great success as a cultural icon in Japan is a testament to our unbridled commitment to quality and our next-level customer service. This is why we are so happy to finally come to America, where Japanese perfection meets American style!” continued Yuki.

About Shonan Beauty Clinic

Based in Thousand Oaks, California, Shonan Beauty Clinic is an elite cosmetic surgery institution. Founded in Japan in 2000, Shonan Beauty has expanded to over 80+ clinics around the world. Their world-class plastic surgeons, state-of-the-art equipment, and internationally recognized best practices provide the highest quality cosmetic surgery in the industry. They also specialize in non-surgical beautification options, including no-hassle laser hair removal and full service regenerative & rejuvenation (R&R) medispa offerings.

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