GOOD CANDIDATE /Anyone who wants to
  • Have natural double fold eyelids
  • Have cosmetic treatment with minimal swelling
  • Have cosmetic treatment with long-lasting effects
  • Have larger and brighter eyes
  • Have well proportioned eyes


What is Maibotsu / Double Eyelid Thread Technique?
Maibotsu is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for Asians who wish to transform their eyelids with natural-looking double eyelid crease. A double eyelid crease created by the surgery helps to make the patients' eyes appear wider and brighter to achieve their ideal facial goal.
"Maibotsu" is the name of the suture thread technique brought from Japan which is buried under the skin and results in a natural appearance and minimal scarring. The Maibotsu surgery takes approximately fifteen to thirty minutes to an hour.
Square Method
The square method is performed to create double-fold eyelids with ultra-thin medical thread developed for cardiovascular surgery. Hence, the scars and knots are so small that they are nearly invisible; this is how we achieve natural-looking double-fold eyelids. In addition, this procedure is known for its longevity as well as the ease of post-procedure recovery since there is minimal swelling. The name, Square Double Eyelid Surgery, comes from the threads that are fastened in a square shape along the double-face line of the eyelid, whereas the standard implantation method is fastened at the point.
Forever Method
The Forever Method is used to create double-fold eyelids by inserting and crossing two threads in a square shape in order to replicate the muscular mechanism found in natural double-fold eyelids as shown in the picture. This method allows for a strong, long-lasting hold.


“Maibotsu” / Double eyelid thread technique and What to Expect
Starting with the initial consultation, our surgeon will include your suggestions during the eyelid design. The design varies from creating one suturing dot to a maximum of three dots. Several different designs will be demonstrated so that you can select the design you prefer most. The double eyelid usually lasts many years, but this can vary from patient to patient and the technique desired.
During the procedure, you are provided with various numbing techniques so that you do not have any pain during the procedure. Afterward, the pain is very minimal during recovery and most patients do not require any pain medications. There is usually only mild swelling after the procedure, which is not very noticeable to others. However, there can be more swelling in some people.
Advanced Cardiovascular Surgery Sutures
We are committed to your safety and satisfaction. The thread we developed is an improved design of thread used for cardiovascular surgeries. These extremely thin and durable sutures allow us to achieve a beautiful finish with less noticeable knots and long-lasting results.

Customized Double Fold Eyelid Designs
We will recommend the ideal double-fold eyelid design based on each patient's preferences such as crease height, depth, and shape.


Before and After photo


I really like the procedure I choose sbc because they has the skills that others don't have.

They did an excellent job with my surgery, Dr. Suzuki really listened to how i want my eyes to look and i love them! I chose SBC because they made me feel
Comfortable, price is good and clean facility

The procedure is good and I’m satisfied with the result. I choose SBC since the result is very natural, and that is what I expected. The staffs here are very friendly and nice, the overall experience for me is pretty good

Due to the recommendation of my friend, I can to SBC for consultation. The environment makes me feel relaxed. The patient service and friendly answering make me feel comfortable to trust the doctor and other helpers here.

very satisfied!will highly recommend to friends!

I love my results, it has gone beyond my expectations. I chose SBC because the maibotsu method is not as invasive as other methods I have seen online. I also really liked the results of other patients shown on SBC’s website.


1Do I have to get a procedure if I get free consultation?
No, you do not. The doctor will take around 30 minutes of initial consultation time with you to discuss the ideal design of your eyes. Our beauty consultant will then go over the pricing and take time to talk about any other details you wish to know about so that you are clear to make your decision.
2Will there be permanent scars after procedure?
There is a chance that the thread mark might be slightly visible when you close your eyes.
3How much and how long does the swelling last after surgery?
There is usually only mild swelling after the procedure, which is not very noticeable to others. However, there can be more swelling in depending on the person.
4Can I wear makeup after the surgery?
You should wait at least 1 week before applying makeup to the eyelids.
5Do you provide any post operation after care?
We provide very detailed, yet simple instructions regarding your after care. We are available after the procedure to see you if you have any questions or concerns.
6Could you repair my eyelid botched by another doctor?
Yes, we perform revision procedures.
7Can I receive procedure as a minor?
In certain circumstances we will perform the procedure on a minor with parental consent.