About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a procedure that effectively removes unwanted hair. Being one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States, laser hair removal involves beaming concentrated light onto hair follicles. As the pigment in the follicles absorbs the light, the hair is then destroyed. Given how the procedure is quick, easy, and cost-effective, people all over the country are hopping on board.

Candidacy for Laser Hair Removal

If you have unwanted hair anywhere on your body, then laser hair removal is the procedure for you. However, the procedure does work best on those with brown or black hair. That is because dark hair is far more identifiable than blonde or grey hair, and the laser is more attracted to the darker color. Although this treatment can be used by anyone, it is not recommended for those who are pregnant or for those going through skin cancer therapy.

Benefits and What to Expect

Given the wide variety of benefits involved with laser hair removal, the procedure is becoming very well-known. One of the leading benefits involves the precision of the laser. The treatment can effectively target the hairs you don’t want while keeping the surrounding hairs and skin unbothered. Speed is another reason why millions are choosing this procedure. The laser can effectively remove multiple hairs each second, meaning the whole procedure can take minutes to complete. Another huge benefit of laser hair removal is that it is extremely effective. Most patients will see desired hair loss after only a few sessions.

Pain Management

Although laser hair removal doesn’t hurt as much as waxing, there is some pain involved in the process. However, there are some solutions to help limit the pain and improve comfort during and after treatment. There are multiple options that you can use for pain management, including cool compression and topical numbing cream for those more sensitive areas. Ice pack may also be used after treatment.

When dealing with laser hair removal, there are some common questions that people are wondering about.

Downtime After the Procedure

Another amazing benefit of laser hair removal is that there is no downtime. After the procedure, you can simply go back to your normal life. However, it is recommended to not spend too much time in the sun as it makes the procedure less effective.

Three Commonly Asked Questions

What should I do before my appointment?
A day before the procedure, it is important to completely shave the area being treated. Also, extreme sun exposure prior to treatment is not advised. Also, never seek laser therapy with a sunburn.
What does aftercare look like?
After treatment, it is vital to always wear sunscreen on the treated area and avoid extreme sun exposure for six weeks.
Is laser hair removal permanent?
While laser hair removal doesn’t permanently remove your hair, it greatly reduces hair growth. In addition, the procedure gets less painful each visit and the hair gets very fine over time. Furthermore, laser hair reduction may allow you to stop shaving altogether.

Additional Facts

All in all, laser hair removal is a quick and easy process that can have lasting benefits. Those who participate in the procedure experience outstanding results usually with minimal pain. While having hair in unwanted places can be annoying, laser hair removal is a safe and effective method for removing hair and keeping it away for good. With the low risks involved and the many benefits that patients see after treatment, millions are taking part in laser hair removal.