Face Lift

Rhytidectomy, commonly known as a face-lift is a surgical procedure performed to reduce sagging or folds of skin on the face. This cosmetic surgery can create a younger appearance in your face by "lifting" the sagging skin on the cheeks and jawline and other changes in the shape of your face that occur as one ages.

During a face-lift, a flap of skin on each side of the face is pulled back, and tissues below the skin are surgically altered to return the contour of the face to a more youthful shape. Before the flap is sutured closed, excess skin is removed..

The Procedure

A face-lift procedure is done for the purpose of gaining a more youthful appearance. The procedure can be done in a hospital or an outpatient surgical facility. Usually taking 2-4 hours. The results are not permanent, as with the aging process the facial skin may begin to droop again. In general, a face-lift can be expected to last 10 years. In some cases, the procedure is done with sedation and local anesthesia, numbing only the specific part of your face. In other cases, general anesthesia, which "puts you to sleep" might be recommended. Basically, a face-lift involves lifting the skin and tightening the underlying tissues and muscles. The fat in the face and neck is removed, or distributed differently. Facial skin is then re-draped over the newly repositioned contours of the face, excess skin is removed.

Who is a Potential Candidate For the Procedure?

People who are seeing age-related changes in their face such as:
  • Sagging appearance of your cheeks
  • Deepening of the fold of skin from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth
  • Excess skin at your lower jawline
  • Sagging skin and excess fat in the face

After the procedure

After a face-lift, you may experience the following conditions: • Mild to moderate pain • Drainage from the incisions • Swelling • Bruising • Numbness Be sure to contact your doctor immediately if you have: • Severe pain on one side of your face or neck within 24 hours of surgery • Shortness of breath • Chest pain • Irregular heartbeats