2 months after
the 2nd procedure
After the first successful treatment, this client opted for a second CoolSculpting procedure. She successfully slimmed down her waistline while maintaining her breast size without the use of fat dissolving injections or changing her diet.
Double chin
2 months after
the 2nd procedure
This client was very satisfied after a successful fat reduction from just one session. You can see the improvement in her facial structure with her chin and slimmer neck lines.


GOOD CANDIDATE /Anyone who wants to
  • Slim down their waistline
  • Reshape their hips, arms, or thighs
  • Slim down and tighten their facial lines
  • Reduce fat with minimal stress to their body
  • Achieve a long-term result without rebounding


What’s CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting® safely removes extra fat cells by freezing and destroying fatty tissue that is more susceptible to low temperatures than the surrounding tissues. About 20%* of the targeted fat can be reduced in one session, then the body continues to eliminate these fat cells over the next few weeks until all the targeted fat cells are permanently eliminated. *Effectiveness varies by individual.

This procedure delivers safe and effective results. Freeze Detect Sensors precisely control the cooling temperature and crystallize only fat cells without damaging surrounding areas such as skin, blood vessels, nerves, etc. Patent gel pads are applied to selected areas and held with bands and cushions to prevent surrounding areas from being affected by the low temperatures.

Safety of CoolSculping
CoolSculpting is the most widely used non-invasive FDA approved treatment in the United States and has been introduced in more than 80 countries worldwide (as of March 2017).


Fat reduction mechanism


  • Non-invasive (Non-surgical) Treatment with Minor Discomfort
  • No Downtime. Any discomfort and light bruises from this quick and easy procedure is completely resolved within 14 days
  • Long-lasting Results with Little to no Chance of Fat Cell Regeneration
  • No Recovery Period, or Dietary and Exercising Restrictions
  • Fat cells dissolve naturally from the effect of metabolism

Increased effectiveness with additional treatments!


Before and After photo


Everything has been great! Doctors nurses and staff were all very friendly and nice. The experience was really good at a fair price and phenomenal service. Definitely will come again if I need more beauty related services!



Procedure Order
Initial consultation
The CoolSculpting practitioner will give an explanation of the procedure and benefits to achieve the desired result.
A physical examination will be performed to create a personalized treatment plan. This thorough process determines which specific areas to focus on and which applicator will be the most effective to achieve the best results.
Procedure instruction
  1. Gel pads are applied to selected areas to prevent frostbite.
  2. Applicators are placed precisely along the targeting area.
  3. These applicators are held with bands and cushions so you can enjoy a relaxing moment checking your phone, reading a book. You will feel cold and some pressure when the device is activated. Gradually, the discomfort will fade over the next 10 minutes.
Post-Treatment massage
Immediately following the procedure, one of our technicians will give you a thorough massage to enhance the effects of the session and smooth out the treated areas. The standard healing time is about 1 to 2 hours, but in some cases, redness may take from a day to a week to disappear.
Treatment Completion
There is no dietary or physical restriction, so you can take a bath, enjoy a cocktail, wear makeup, etc. and get right back to your life without any downtime.