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Thread Lift

Looking for a solution against facial wrinkles or sagging skin, but don’t want to go under the knife? A thread lift could be the perfect solution. Traditionally, there are two major ways to deal with facial wrinkles – non invasive facial rejuvenation and facelift surgery. While rejuvenation may be the least invasive route, it is a long process with no certainty. Facelift surgery on the other hand is quick effective – however some people are put off by the surgical nature of it. A thread lift is the perfect middle option for those that want to be free of wrinkles but don’t want surgery. It involves using tiny threads on needles to pull back the skin without need for a scalpel. Our clinics at Thousand Oaks and Irvine have experienced physicians who can carry out this procedure and get you the best results.

Clear face difference before and after Thread lift
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Potential Candidates for Thread Lift

Thread lifts are most common amongst candidates in their thirties to fifties, helping to iron out mild wrinkles and light sagginess. More advanced signs of aging in older candidates may require more extensive treatment, which could require more invasive treatment. By talking to our physicians at our Thousand Oaks and Irvine clinics, we can assess your situation and recommend the best procedure. A thread lift requires use of local anaesthetic, but is generally safe for those with heart conditions or high blood pressure who may ordinarily be deemed unfit for surgery.

Benefits and What to Expect

The lack of invasiveness is this procedure’s most notable benefit. This results in a reduced recovery time compared to facial surgery, allowing patients to get on with commitments such as work or looking after children without having to take too much time out. It’s also low-risk because there are no incisions involved – by only using needles, scarring is minimal, which lowers the risk of infection or bleeding. On top of this, it is a very affordable treatment option compared to more invasive procedures.

Pain Management

Compared to many other forms of cosmetic treatment, recovery from a thread lift is virtually pain-free. There may be some initial discomfort afterwards from where the needles are inserted and the threads implanted, however given the fineness of the needle and thread it is closer to acupuncture than an injection. Topical and local anaesthetic are usually used throughout the procedure, so you should not feel any pain during the treatment. Our physicians at Thousand Oaks and Irvine will still be able to advise you on pain relief if for any reason you do get achiness after the treatment.

Downtime After the Procedure

Little downtime is required after seeking out a thread lift as it is such a simple and painless procedure. Most people are able to assume responsibilities such as work the very next day. In some cases, there may be some swelling and so some people may want to book off the day after until this goes down. However, unlike a facelift which may require a week of healing before swelling subsides, the visual changes that a thread lift provides are practically immediate.

Additional Facts

A thread lift is sometimes combined with other procedures in order to receive maximum results. For instance, someone may get a thread lift to help get rid of wrinkles around the corners of the eyes but may opt for a blepharoplasty to remove more prominent eye bags. Alternatively, a thread lift may be combined with non-invasive procedures. We recommend you choose our company Shonan Beauty to carry out your thread lift treatment. Our long-running company has over 85 clinics across the world – starting in Japan, we have branched out to many other locations including Thousand Oaks and Irvine in California. We hire only the best talent and use only the best resources, ensuring that your treatment is done to the utmost professional level. For more information on the thread lift procedure or our services in general, don’t hesitate to contact us here.