Pico Toning + erii Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation

SBC × erii Stem cell facial rejuvenation

Trial Special  $500 

Limited time special menu only available at SBC!!!

Trial package includes Pico Toning laser treatment by Dr.Yoko Suzuki and Luxury stem cell facial rejuvenation by Esthetician, Eri.

You can enjoy the luxury of exosome product, erii serum from scalp to face and neck using the lymphatic drainage technique.

Learn more about "erii serum"  →https://eriiskincare.com/

Offer available every Tuesday from 4/25/23 by 6/27/23. For more info, please contact our office 949-333-2929


Eriko Watanabe

ecole de earth representative

Born in Tokyo
・1998 Began research on skin beauty as an organic skincare advisor at a Japanese cosmetics company
・2001-2008 Run a infant massage and baby bonding care school, Kinderbaby in Bangkok, Thailand
・ 2019 Launched Japan science based French organic skin-care line erii France in USA
・Currently based in LA, while performing treatments as an esthetician, she is also active as a beauty counselor, personal consultant, and salon advisor, making use of her knowledge of healthy and beautiful skin. During her residency in England, Thailand, Canada, Japan and the United States, she studied Eastern and Western natural beauty treatments. Based on her own hybrid research, she developed a DNA cell repair serum for all skin types with a member of Japan rejuvenate medical team and French cosmetic scientist.