PICO Genesis

Procedure Summary

PICO Genesis is a non-ablative treatment for hyperpigmentation, uneven pigmentation, and the skin condition Melasma. The treatment uses photo-mechanical laser light to break up pigmented cells. The surrounding tissues remain undamaged, and the body’s healing process removes the disrupted pigment naturally. With age and sun exposure, our skin naturally develops the visible signs of sun damage. Skin related symptoms of aging combined with sun exposure cause age spots. Brown spots, hyperpigmentation and Melasma. PICO Genesis is an advanced treatment for skin discoloration which uses modulated laser light to disrupt unwanted pigment spots.

Candidacy for PICO Genesis

The treatment is safe for anyone and is recommended for persons who want a more even complexion. Persons with chronic or severe skin conditions should seek medical consultation.

Benefits and What to Expect

The benefits of PICO Genesis over similar treatments are skin rejuvenation and improved complexion with limited irritation of the skin. The result is clearer skin with a remarkably short recovery time. Patients find that within a short period, generally within a week, there is a noticeable improvement in skin discoloration. Pain management is rarely necessary, and because the treatment does not break the surface of the skin, there is little to no risk of infection.

Pain Management

The treatment is well tolerated and usually causes little to no pain response. In rare cases where minor discomfort does occur, over the counter pain medications are more than sufficient to alleviate recovery symptoms.


Downtime After the Procedure

In some cases, light swelling of the treated area may occur. Some flaking of the skin may develop in aggressively treated areas. These symptoms should resolve themselves in a few days at most. For most patients, recovery takes one to two days at most, and the discomforting effects are mild. The elderly and those with skin conditions may take one to two weeks for noticeable effects to dissipate.


Three Most Commonly Asked Questions

Before starting the procedure, people like to know what the options are, and how they work. Here, we explore three frequently asked questions.
How Many Treatments are Necessary?
In most cases, four to five treatments are recommended. A waiting period of two weeks is best for treatments in the same area. Those who have been diagnosed with Melasma may require more treatments to achieve satisfactory results.
Will the Treatment Hurt?
Most patients describe the treatment as feeling like fast, tiny snaps of a rubber band to the skin. The sensation is very brief and generally does not rise to the level of pain. Pain management is rarely, if ever, considered necessary.
What are the Alternatives?
Surgery, high intensity lasers, and chemical treatments that ablate, burn, and damage the skin and sub-dermal tissues. These treatments cause pain, come with longer recovery times, and open the patient to a risk of infection.

Additional Facts

PICO Genesis has a number of advantages that other treatments for skin discoloration simply cannot deliver. Other common methods include bleaching the skin, surgery, and other laser-based treatments which rely on heat to remove pigment. These methods and treatments cause injury which comes with a risk of infection, pain, and prolonged recovery time. Often, painkillers will be needed and the patient may have to wear bandages and\or take antibiotics.

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