Laser Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening (Titan XEO)

XEO Titan refers to a laser light-based procedure that utilizes infrared technology to reduce signs of aging, tighten the skin, and reduce laxity. The way the laser light works is by interacting with the water in the skin's dermis. This stimulates the contraction of the collagen, leading to the tightening of the treated areas.


Candidacy for Laser Skin Tightening

All skin types can be treated by the XEO Titan procedure. However, it is essential that you're realistic considering the skin laxity before any treatment. This procedure is ideal for individuals who have minor laxity. Traditional plastic surgery is best suited for individuals with skin that suffers from extreme laxity. The most suitable patients for this procedure are in good health, not nursing or pregnant, and have reasonable expectations in terms of the results of the treatment.

Benefits and What to Expect

After undergoing this procedure, patients can expect to see the skin appear more tightened and youthful overall. Laser skin tightening helps patients feel and look younger through the stimulation of collagen regeneration within the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles on the targeted body part fade away as new collagen forms in the surface blemishes of the skin. Laser skin tightening involves no injections or incisions because the laser system heats the collagen in the lower layers of the skin while cooling the upper layers. Patients typically see immediate results after a single session. As new collagen grows, patients will continue to see results over the next few months after the procedure. The effects are permanent and laser skin tightening does not involve the stretching of the skin. Laser skin tightening does not require recovery or downtime.

Pain Management

No pain management is required for this procedure. You may feel pulses of mild heat during the procedure, but these pulses aren't often referred to as comforting rather than discomforting. The settings for the energy level will be adjusted for the tolerability to each patient.

Downtime After Laser Skin Tightening

After the procedure, patients can expect to have mild swelling or redness of the treated area. However, this redness or swelling should subside in a few hours. In general, it is recommended that patients undergo three to four treatments to achieve optimal results. If a patient has very minimal laxity to begin with, they may begin to see results after their first treatment. Serious side effects are rare when the procedure is performed by an experienced and qualified provider.



Three Commonly Asked Questions

What areas of the face and body can laser skin tightening treat?
Laser skin tightening has been proven effective for tightening the skin on all areas of the body. Patients can enjoy a rejuvenated look when this treatment is applied to the face, neck, abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. In fact, patients with minor to moderate skin laxity may opt for laser skin tightening treatment instead of more invasive procedures such as liposuction and even the mini tummy tuck surgery.
Is laser skin tightening safe?
Laser skin tightening is both a painless and safe treatment to rejuvenate the skin on any part of the body. Unlike treatments like laser skin resurfacing, laser tightening does not break or burn the skin. Therefore, patients who undergo this procedure experience very few side effects.
What are the side effects associated with laser skin tightening?
Redness and swelling are the main side effects of a laser skin tightening procedure. Usually, these side effects recede or disappear within a few days. In rare cases, patients experience side effects like blistering, bruising, and changes in pigmentation of the skin.

Additional Facts

Depending on the care put forth into the results, the effects of skin tightening can last for several years.