CoolSculpting® Treatments

CoolSculpting® is one of the latest fat loss procedures on the market and has taken the world by storm in recent times. The non-invasive treatment focuses on stimulating the body in a way that actively encourages to remove unwanted fat cells from the body. It is often promoted as freezing the fat away and removes the cells for good, although it is still possible to gain weight after completion of the treatment if patients fall back into their old habits.


What does CoolSculpting® do?

Cool Sculpting is a type of fat loss treatment that relies on exposing fat cells to extreme cold temperatures, causing them to break before being naturally flushed away by the body. This process does take time as the body needs to break down the dead fat cells before helping them flush through the lymphatic system and exit the body.

While CoolSculpting® is very smart from a scientific level, the procedure itself is very simple. The process can be used to target one or two areas in a session. The most popular areas to treat include the tummy, thighs, hips, back, love handles, and arms. The doctor will mark the areas that are to be treated before an applicator is applied to create suction. The area under the applicator will then be chilled. Patients are awake throughout the duration of the process.

Benefits and what to expect from your treatment

As with any treatment, it’s imperative that you learn what to expect. CoolSculpting® is a very effective treatment, but it can only treat the designated area rather than the body as a whole. So, if you wish to see a comprehensive improvement, you will require several sessions.

Nonetheless, there are many reasons for craving a little support in your battle to remove fat from the body. Likewise, Cool Sculpting is a treatment that can be deemed preferential to many others for a whole host of reasons. Some of the most significant benefits include:


Unlike surgery and other cosmetic treatments, Cosmetic Sculpting works on the idea of bursting fat cells before flushing them away in a natural manner. This means that the side effects and risks are far fewer than many of the alternative treatments on the market, which is very appealing to all prospective patients. Once the treatment is finished, you can enjoy a return to normality in no time. This is a huge advantage.

Natural appearance

One of the big problems facing individuals that choose surgery revolves around the instant results. First, everybody will know that you’ve had treatment. Secondly, you may be left with excess skin as a result of the monumental shift. Cool Sculpting is a gradual process in which burst fat cells leave the body over a matter of weeks. This provides a more natural look and allows the skin to adapt.


Permanent results

CoolSculpting® isn’t the only treatment that offers permanent results, but it is worth noting this fact as some options focus solely on temporary benefits. Once the fat cells are gone, they are gone forever. While it’s possible to pile the pounds on in the months and years following treatment, those that use this as the start of a new chapter can see results for life. Moreover, the permanent results mean you can avoid repeat appointments.

Pain management

While CoolSculpting® doesn’t leave lasting pain, there may be some minor irritation and discomfort during and immediately after the treatment. The affected area is likely to sting and swell due to the extreme temperatures. As such, you may want to take mild painkillers to deal with those issues.

Recovery after CoolSculpting® treatments

Given that CoolSculpting® is unlikely to cause major pain or lasting damage, it’s very unlikely that you’ll need a dedicated recovery time. Similarly, you won’t need to be tucked up in bed for days or weeks as you would with some treatments. However, the suction can leave the skin feeling a little uncomfortable for a few hours. Some people will be ready to return to their normal activities immediately after their treatment, but others may need 24 hours to recover. The area of the skin may take a few days to return to its normal color and elasticity.

The doctor can also discuss creams and other pain relief products and techniques. In truth, though, most people will be able to handle the brief discomfort and then simply need to think about recovery.


coolsculpting before and after

Three Most Commonly Asked Questions

How long will it take for results to show?
CoolSculpting® freezes the fat right away, but the cells won’t leave the body for a little while. In truth, you may not notice the results for several weeks, although the body is working to improve the affected area or areas. While a number of personal factors will influence the timescales involved, most patients can expect to see significant results around 16 weeks.
Who can use CoolSculpting®?
CoolSculpting® isn’t for everyone. Those with severe obesity issues, pregnant women, and breastfeeding moms should all avoid this option. However, anyone looking to get rid of stubborn fat as they approach their goal weight will find that this is the perfect way to finally hit those targets. However, the idea is to lose fat rather than lose weight.
How much fat can be lost from the target area?
Again, there are many variables to consider such as your age, start weight, and the body part that is being treated. As a rule of thumb, however, it is often possible to see a fat reduction of up to 25% in the affected area. The doctor will provide further details about the expectations, durations, and opportunities for future appointments.


CoolSculpting® has become an extremely popular fat loss solution and is a safe and effective way to permanently remove the fat cells through scientific processes. While you will need to wait weeks to see the results, the sessions are quick and relatively painless. When completed by a professional cosmetic doctor, like Shonan Beauty, the results can be phenomenal.

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